Whatever It Takes Techlink Offer

Technical Connection has always been committed to providing access to relevant, appropriate and timely communication to our clients. The value of this access and the resulting enhancement to better client outcomes is, we believe, even greater during the current economic, social and health challenges.

That is why, in order to make access to our knowledge base as widely available as possible in these challenging times and so contribute to the delivery of optimum client outcomes, we are extending our free trial period so that all non-existing subscribers can access our Techlink Professional knowledge management platform without commitment or obligation.

This extended offer will deliver free trial access to Techlink Professional until 30/06/2020.

We hope that as a result of this initiative advisers and paraplanners will have the information they require to support their clients during this challenging period.

To access your free one month trial of Techlink Professional (including the question bank on a "read only" basis and your free question) and Techlink Communicator just click the button below:

The discounted cost of subscribing for Techlink Professional and Communicator after the free trial period and the cost of purchasing additional questions can be found HERE. (For the purposes of the offer explained above any reference to a 'one month free trial' in the subscription costs should be read as 'after 30/6/2020')


A. Service fundamentals:

  1. Techlink Professional delivers:
    Library, Bulletins, Need to Know executive summaries, accredited technical CPD (text and A/V based, structured and unstructured) with automated time logging and on-line testing.

  2. Techlink Communicator delivers:
    Bi-weekly emails, ("FYI" for clients and "FYI Professional" for professional connections). Quarterly Newsletters for clients and professional advisers

  3. Techlink Professional can be bought on a "stand alone"  basis or with Techlink Communicator - which can only be bought if you have also subscribed for Techlink Professional
    Techlink Professional is priced on a "user "basis by reference to the number of registered users of the service.
    Techlink Communicator is pried on an "enterprise basis" by reference to the number of registered individuals in the firm

  4. Where a business wishes to access both services then each service will be supplied at a discount. The (discounted) price for the combined service would be found by simply adding together the discounted price for each service.

B. Pricing of components after free access:

All prices incorporate a discount on the open market rate
  1. Techlink Professional: Cost to business on a "stand alone" basis and when bought with Techlink Communicator ("TComm"):

    Registered Users Monthly charge stand alone Discounted; TComm bought
    1 £30 £26
    2 £55 £51
    3 £80 £75
    4 £104 £97
    5 £128 £119
    6 £152 £141
    7 £173 £151
    8 £194 £171
    9 £215 £191
    10 £235 £210
    11+ by negotiation by negotiation
  2. Techlink Communicator: Cost to business when bought with Techlink Professional (TProff) :

    RIs in the enterprise Monthly charge
    1 £17
    2-5 £40
    6-10 £60
    11+ by negotiation

    To find the total cost for your business of accessing both Techlink Professional and Techlink Communicator just add the two relevant prices from 1 and 2 above.

  3. Ask (the Q/A service): cost for questions: this service available only to formally signed up Techlink Professional subscribers:

    £400 + VAT for a 10 unit bundle of 15 minute questions